"Step Into Now blends emotion fueled pop, folk, and country for a standout album" - Annie Reuter, Freelance Music Journalist

"Every song on Step Into Now is a winner - a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll...vocals are terrific, and the instrumentation is so well done - it's all crisp, clear and very well produced...a work of art, dedication and love."
- Linda Yelnic (HYIM Management)

"For all the noise over the last decade about how the Indie music scene and the web have now made music "a level playing field", it's still a very rare thing to find any new and great major label quality music coming from unknown Indie artists. MacClain & Cole are that exception. MacClain is a bruisingly powerful and gorgeous voiced singer who writes as if her life, and the listener's life, depend on it. The duo has that same type of simple beauty as The Black Keys: just two people making your jaw drop with songs, beats and singing. Step Into Now is the best new US Indie album release I've heard this year."
George Daly,
CEO, About Records
Former Head of A&R, BMG/Zoo, Atlantic Records, Elektra Records

“Whoa - this is really good, sounds great”
- Jim Pugh (Robert Cray band)

"Wow - beautiful vocal, thoughtful lyrics, really love your voice. Serious talent" - Suzanne Koga (india.arie, Roberta Flack)

10 out of 10 Performance, 10 out of 10 for song
- Freddie Stone (co-founder, guitarist Sly and the Family Stone)