Soul Shoppe- Anti-Bullying Programs for Elementary Schools - Amy has been delivering these programs for 8 years, serving over 10k kids per year teaching conflict resolution, peace making, and power to the kids!! Check it out. "We play these games but inside you know that every heart it beats the same..." MacClain & Cole song inspired by Soul Shoppe program Free To Be.

Pachamama - World Changing program that is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence in the world - join in and be part of the change!

Bread and Roses - Healing through live music - check these folks out if you feel drawn to sharing your live music with folks who can really benefit from your tunes! "Bread & Roses holds a special place in our hearts. We keep on giving because no one can argue with the power music has to open hearts and comfort minds." -Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan

Challenge Day- Connection programs for teens - creating a world where teens feel safe, loved and celebrated. You can participate with these amazing folks and volunteer at a "Challenge Day" - your life will be transformed - you will feel closer to others, more open and compassionate - a truly heart-opening experience!

Hand in Hand Parenting - Parents!!! We love you! As parents (and uncle) ourselves, we know how challenging the job is! This website has beaucoup free and low cost resources for parents struggling with all the normal challenges of parenting. SO. Valuable. Check out this special article - Amy also coaches parents, and teaches the amazing relieving principles of Hand in Hand Parenting and Soul Shoppe - she helps parents with how to handle bullying with children, how to set effective and loving limits, how to raise healthy children - go here and get some ideas!

Soul of Money - Meet our dear friend Lynne Twist - she's got some radical and beautiful ideas about money and how to heal our planet with it! Check her out and join in!

Brene Brown writes amazing books, blogs and articles about the science of vulnerability, courage, and daring. Her influences can be found in MacClain & Cole lyrics - we strongly recommend her
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